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Update below the initial post. Occasionally I get a few phishing attempts via email but lately have found that the very same disgusting dirtbags that are trying to get me to click their email links are also trying to hack… Continue Reading →

How Facebook Cracked Open My World

People who use it, and some who don’t, have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. I’m one of the love/hate users. About a million years ago when I first logged onto Facebook, it was a plain and uninteresting online platform, nothing… Continue Reading →

A Texas Pandemic

The numbers in Texas today for COVID-19 infections are staggering. As of now, Thursday June 11th, 2020, the news out of Austin reports a 41% increase over the past two weeks in cases, with an 11% drop in people getting… Continue Reading →

Black Lives Matter ~ Anti-Racist Resources for Understanding

There’s a love/hate relationship with Facebook that I adore, one that has educated me and pissed me the hell off. Many times. But during this pandemic- racial episode- world-on-fire- murder hornet- asteroid-on-its-way- season of the bitch, my friends on Facebook… Continue Reading →

Black History in America is More Tragic Than You Think

Over the weekend and in the coming weeks, I’m immersing myself in the movies, documentaries, and TV shows that depict a closer rendition to the experience of blacks in America. I’m a white female who has privilege simply from being… Continue Reading →

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