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Stairs = The PIA Remodel

Edit the Sun

In my off-time I’ve been researching solar and all that comes with it. By “off-time” I mean every moment that I’m not working, eating, or sleeping. That my eyes glaze over incessantly and I have to jar myself awake with… Continue Reading →

Inspiration, and the Before & After of Beginning

I’ve been offline for awhile, opting out so that I can search for a home. It’s been difficult and it’s been fun but I’m still on the hunt and need to get back to my responsibilities so here is an… Continue Reading →


Just know… I’m about done with adulthood. What. Have I gotten. My own self into. There were tornadoes in the town about 15 miles away yesterday. I recorded a little twister coming down from the clouds. My sister said there… Continue Reading →


I’ve been making a few behind-the-scenes changes (back-end stuff) on the website so I’ve opted to include the RV Life updates on the mainpage – for now. Hang with me; between a great day job, unpacking, repacking, renovating-lite, a business… Continue Reading →

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