Comment Policies

Please be aware that I will not hesitate to click the ‘spam’ choice under your comment if it is spam, meaning that, instead of clicking ‘trash’ whereby it will allow you future comments, clicking ‘spam’ means that the powers that be will flag you as a spammer and you can no longer comment on my page.

If you comment with a link AND you’re a spammer, all of the above will happen. I have zero tolerance for idiots that comment with shitty links advertising whatever it is they’re trying to hock – and all ad links are shitty.

If you try to get in the back door – hackers know precisely what I mean – I will both block your IP address and I will report it. Be aware that many morons have already gone down that path and several of them will never return. Exactly three (as of this writing) have been busted for the illegal behavior of website hacking because they were on a list of jerkoffs that have nothing better to do than try and hijack people’s websites. I take that shit very seriously.

This is my literal Domain and I can do what I want. If you want to be an asshole, get your own fucking domain. Don’t be an asshole in my house. Be classy and comment well, even if yours is constructive criticism (which I adore.)