Creation and Destruction

There’s a philosophical sliding scale of two types of beings on this Earth: Those that create and those that destroy. Most of us are somewhere toward the middle but many polarize to either build, or to demolish. My mission is to build while being as respectful of the residuals that the creation process leaves behind, using up as much material as possible in creating rather than destroying.

Being a ‘Maker’, I create stuff nearly every day. My biggest Daily is creating a mess, but that’s mostly the flotsam coming out of hard work and concentration. Or easy work and a lotta distractions. Either way, stuff gets made, or at least projects are started and eventually completed.

I’ve been shooting photos of my work processes and will soon post each project as it progresses, with a final set for the finished work. All this helps me in my mission to build a life, as well as stay focused on projects.
If anything proves to be useless or just uninteresting, I shelve it until I’m ready to commence‚Ķ or just throw it away, give it away, donate it, or otherwise get it out of My Ongoing Mess of Life.

Katwise-style Arm Warmers
Katwise-inspired set of half-length hand warmers

Here’s to creating all you can while you’re still breathing air, and cheers to whatever wonders blossom for you. Stay tuned, I have a few things up my sleeve (literally) to share.

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