The Seller and I finally closed on the property, taking 4 closing dates and 2 extra signing days to finalize it. She left me with about two dozen stray cats to deal with. Feeding strays is actually discouraged among animal rights activists and rescuers.

Note: FEEDING STRAYS WITHOUT TRAPPING/SPAYING-NEUTERING/VETTING ONLY CREATES MORE STRAYS, WHICH ONLY CREATES MORE STRAYS, and the nightmare continues unabated. STOP IT. You’re not solving any problem; you are creating horrific problems for everyone, including the cats.

Yesterday I arrived at the property, which I don’t yet live on because it’s not yet livable (in my picky opinion) and found a tiny dead kitten. I was outraged because this was completely preventable. I’m already trying to clean all the cigarette tar from the carpets and off the walls and now have a yellowed ceiling to deal with – and I find a dead kitten too beautiful and too innocent for this world it was born into. A cruel rip from the fabric of that idyllic land, one that was harsh and cat-overcrowded. I feel forced to continue feeding the cats because there are so many that would starve if I didn’t.

Last night we had our first real freeze. Tonight the temps will drop even lower. I created two makeshift shelters on the front porch where they hang out, using the nasty cabinets my bro-in-law tore out of the nasty kitchen, plus the dropcloths we’d been using to paint. Then I found some quilt batting I didn’t even know I had (queue the book I’m writing about manifesting exactly what we need exactly when we need it) … (or wait for the straight-to-video movie) so the batting became their bedding. Before I left last night, I saw that several of the kittens claimed the spaces. That helped usher up some happiness about having to improvise.

The move date was postponed about three weeks, giving me some time to get the place fixed up and the cat population (hopefully) taken down a bit. I am calling rescue groups, but haven’t found the feral cat or barn cat group(s) yet. Still searching. They’ve GOT to be out there somewhere…

pic of too many cats
The Kitten Farm

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