May 2021 Bring a Better World

In saying goodbye to one of the worst, yet most profoundly moving years in nearly a century, there is a lot I have to be thankful for. A metal roof over my head, food in the pantry and fridge, ground beneath my feet, a great job that I love, and a future to look forward to. All the while, there are so many who are in danger of losing their homes, so many who’ve already lost their meals and livelihoods, and they may not be able to replace the jobs they lost for quite some time to come. I find this deeply disturbing because this nightmare was entirely preventable.

January will bring a new administration to American government, one that I have confidence will pull us out of this hole that has been dug by someone who cares very little about America and even less about all those who call it home, but idolizes so much the idea of “bully’ism”, chauvinism, abuse of power, and the money it brings.

I bid you adieu, 2020 and your selfish, evil henchmen – and complicit women… good fucking riddance.

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