photo of farmhouse surrounded by pastures
This is not my beautiful (farm)house
Excellent photo of someone else’s farmhouse by Fritz Bielmeier on Unsplash

Update October 11, 2019
The rescheduled closing for today (Friday) is rescheduled for next Friday.
More updates as they occur.
This eventual Artist’s Retreat WILL HAPPEN…. but patience is the constant while the dream is the reality.


Oh, Dear Reader, how life loves to trip us up while we’re dancing so divinely. That’s because life can be an asshole.

Spoiler alert: We STILL haven’t closed….

Despite having planned to close on the new property which didn’t happen, and the title company being paid to get their affairs in order, new surprises are popping up all over like pimples on the pubescent.  It seems the house, whose title is already in question, is also sitting about two feet on the property next door…. for FORTY YEARS. Really? And now is when we’re hearing about it??? Looks like the title company who closed on that deal has some splainin to do.

We’ve had the neighbors who own that slice of land (approximately .099 acres) deed us the slice. All the while, another gigantic issue is awakening, one that should’ve been taken care of many years ago…. but who knew.

WHO’S RUNNING THIS SHOW? How’d the property get closed upon back in the day, when the house that straddles the property line was only half its current age? And where’s its title? Who’s butt do I need to chew to get this done?

All these tiny glitches could blossom into major malfunctions so I’m keeping the faith and positivity up as much as I can. Stay busy, stay cool, and it all works out.

I’m manufacturing cool like this dog is cool

Photo by Josh Rakower on Unsplash
Photo of a coolcat dog by Josh Rakower on Unsplash


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