There are many things I learned but these are the Top Ten…

1. Cars were made to be driven

2. There are people who hate following ‘rules’ or being told what to do, me being one of them, but I do it anyway and celebrate with champagne

3. It’s too easy to be a hoarder (which I’m not but I came damn close)

4. Wheeled coolers with tight lids make GREAT bulk storage for pet food

5. People can tolerate a lot more isolation than they think… before they go insane

6. I’m great at sewing masks. Who knew!? Hell, if you had told me in January I’d be holed up creating cool masks for my friends and acquaintances in a couple of months, I’d have said you need to get off the drugs

7. People need people …but I wouldn’t call them the luckiest people in the world

8. So many people all over the world will do what they’d previously believed impossible just to save the lives of people they’ll never meet.

9. Cats can still nurse even after being fixed only a week after they give birth (big oopsie on not knowing she had domino’d, but all is well and we have 3 ridiculously cute baby kittens) which has nothing to do with the pandemic but it happened during one so #9 counts, especially with cats

10. Having worked from home nearly 20 years, I thought nothing would change… then everything changed