Being a bit ADD  but having OCD tendencies, I make lists. I’ve always made lists. But I now hear people say that having a To-Do list is counterproductive.

Really? Because it’s always helped me remember what I NEED to do while my mind can focus on what I truly WANT to do (which is A LOT.) So I make my lists and I cross out the tasks I’ve done. It’s so simple and so effective that all the recent ruckus about To-Do lists being ineffective is rendered completely bogus here in StellaCasa. Who would tell anyone not to make lists if that’s how they keep their minds clear enough to really enjoy their time? I’m here to untell that story.

Note: Time is our greatest asset. It’s the gift we can give, but also the thing we can steal from others, that can never be replaced. Use your own time as wisely as you can (not always possible) while respecting the time that others give to us (nearly always possible.) Be cool people. Don’t take someone’s time if you’re not willing to give something of equal value in return.

So back to lists… mine is (are; I might have several) ongoing. Like grocery lists. They allow me to get in and get out of the stores in a flash rather than dicking around, looking for what I might want rather than what I know I need. Anything I didn’t get is moved to the next fresh grocery list. And I save a ton of money making grocery lists. Those who know I’m becoming a Frugal Queen understand this. Of those people, I’ve been asked a couple of times to help them with their finances so, in the true (Benjamin Franklin) spirit of pouring our purse into our heads, I intend to take a course in Financial Coaching next Spring. Next Spring because I have yet to find the time to finish the online business course I signed on for last Spring. One thing we can’t actually borrow is time…. “hey, can ya spot me a little time? I seem to be coming up short”

Each list I make may not be done all in one day – or one week – so, like on the grocery lists, I migrate the “undones” to a new list and jot down all the fresh, current tasks needing done. IE: weed/edge my little RV yard so my bro-in-law doesn’t freak; continue renovating/priming/painting/caulking; commence with scraping off the massive side decals from the windows, where they should’ve been scraped off at the factory; re-pack anything I won’t be using in the next month so the impending move will be easier; write that book; explode previous website style sheets (css) and cross-reference the corresponding HTML; find the *Land Kraken family hiding in the walls; et cetera.

Then, after each has been completed, I cross it off and it’s gone and doesn’t move to the next day’s list, like the undones will be. (Or next week’s list, if I’m having a lazy week. But having a lazy week doesn’t preclude my actually doing a few tasks AND moving the undones to a new list.) It’s all so highly effective for me.

So list on, sweet baby loves. It’s the lists that get us through our mind-muck.

photo of a mouse
*Actual photo of a Land Kraken
by Yunu Dinata from Unsplash


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