My how things have changed in such a short time.

I’m staying in, hunkering down with my fur kids, waiting… waiting… just like the rest of the world.
I spend my ‘free time’ educating myself on business and marketing while working on several sites (including this one) and individual pages for my day gig. It’s good to be extremely busy but I wish I hadn’t been so distracted recently, when I thought everything was wonderful. Suddenly it felt like the world caved in on me and I fell down a deep, dark well.

Now I feel incredibly sad and abandoned. I wonder if others feel this way. I’m sure busy will help ease me into the Light again. It’s all we have right now: Time.

Stay well, stay tuned, don’t touch your face, and I will be back to make something of this website again.

First: work; then: school; then: building a massively huge garden; then: a house to live in; then: my life.

Here’s some beautiful Norah Jones to medicate the soul…

Photo by ak n cakiner