In my off-time I’ve been researching solar and all that comes with it. By “off-time” I mean every moment that I’m not working, eating, or sleeping. That my eyes glaze over incessantly and I have to jar myself awake with all this boring mesmerizing jargon only adds to my next-day beauty. There are the solar panels, of course, and the batteries that hold the power, obviously… then there is the inverter, the link-ups, the brackets and installation methods, the cords and wires and cables, and even the solar generator I found that can serve as extremely expensive backup, and Ooooooh, the math. Lotta solar electricity math goin’ on here. Kinda nostalgic though, reminding me of the one Jr. High class where they talked about OHMS and amps and volts and actual electricity that can kill. My eyes would glaze over way back then, too.

Fast forward to today and all the YouTube videos and the websites hocking equipment and storage, and the lovely, cheerful, helpful sales staff of any one of the suppliers… it’s more than daunting. I guess I feel that, if I watch and read enough, it’ll eventually sink in. Then I’ll be an expert. Want advice? Watch this space.

In the meantime, I work on my RV bedroom steps, painting walls, spiffing up in a nautical theme for the bath, Hollywood Key West Hemingway for the living room & kitchen, and Who Knows What yet for the bedroom…. I guess that’ll be my grand finale.
And I still look for a house or land to make into my new home. Below is a photo of the front door in a house built in 1870 ~ it’s about 150 years old, sometimes how old I feel when I get out of bed too early…


Photo by Mohammad Kazemi on Unsplash
Grab the sun before it’s gone…
Photo- Mohammad Kazemi on Unsplash
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