Just know…
I’m about done with adulthood.

What. Have I gotten. My own self into.

There were tornadoes in the town about 15 miles away yesterday. I recorded a little twister coming down from the clouds. My sister said there was a woman right down our county road whose house was swept away. More on that another time…

My ‘Floornado’ ~ Tonight I’m tearing up carpet again, going about three feet (if that) from where I left off. What kind of DIY hell IS this? Looks so easy on other peoples’ websites and blogs. RV builders build backward from the way a house is built: they put in flooring first, walls and cabinets later. So this crap is STUCK and I’m having to figure out how much of stuck I can live with. Who’s design was this? And who wanted to tear it up like it was a damned good idea?

Thinking of walking all over someone else’s foot juice is unnerving, so getting rid of this garbage is crucial to my well-being. And the cats. And my pup. The pup’s mine; I belong to the cats. Just wanted to clarify that.

It’s late, I’m exhausted, and I doubt I’ll be driving to Houston tomorrow, though I need to. So Sunday it might be…

Here. You decide if this was a wonderful activity or a major disaster.

The “tile” is called Beauflor. It’s under the carpet in places … there is nothing Beau about it.
Progress? or pooping out?
I knew the Beauflor had to end eventually. This is very slow-going and I’m losing steam
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