I’ve been offline for awhile, opting out so that I can search for a home. It’s been difficult and it’s been fun but I’m still on the hunt and need to get back to my responsibilities so here is an example of how I’ve managed to be creative while I find that perfect place.

These are the patterns and colors that I’m intending for the RV ~ a sort of Hollywood Florida Key West Hemingway look (the wood would be the Hemingway; if only I had more shutters)

And the first places I’ve used a couple of them

Kitchen Island ~ BEFORE “hanging’ the tropical peel & stick wallpaper
Kitchen Island ~ AFTER the tropical wallpaper

Unfortunately, every upgrade makes the rest of the place look shabby. So I went a little further…

Before adding the backsplash ~ plain, dull, RV’ish


After adding the backsplash ~ pretty, dynamic, shiny, fun, even though I screwed up so badly that I’ll never unsee the mistakes

There are now only about eleven’ty more projects I need to do to spiff up the place, but my day gig beckons, we’re taking my dad and stepmom to lunch, and I’m looking at more property this afternoon when we can get some coordinates. Life is amazing, stop looking at this screen so you can go out and live it!

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