The "Before" of the group, when the nastyass carpet was wearing thin

This is the hallway'ette that leads from the steps to the bathroom. Well... more like a shower room. I have no bath and that makes me sad.

Soooooo many carpet staples
"Safety First" was impossible

Is that carpet under carpet!?? It's like a carpet bonanza! Or laziness on someone's part.
Soooooo many carpet staples
"Safety First" was impossible

Demo Day!!!

The "Peninsula" arm, where someone patched a giant hole with wall material. It's like a treasure hunt, if you consider garbage a treasure.

Wrenching the old wood framing off the stairs.
And yes. Yes, I did break a nail.

Stair framing pretty solid

My old girl doing some quality control work.
She approves.

These are the two new wooden steps stained a very light gray. So far, so great

Steps are now in place and the "real work"
(trim/paint) begins.

There are soooo many issues to be resolved: this one is the biggest, with the peninsula having been rebuilt and the unsmooth facing being smoothed.

Still deciding on colors for the stair bases ~ I change my mind often. Because I can.

A pop of coral pink inside the drawers carries the Florida + Hollywood + Hemingway theme into secret places

The peninsula is almost done; I'll probably paint some scaly, googly-eyed critter in the coral facing.


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