Stuffing Plush Frogs for a Friend

White Frog cloth cutouts

Recently a friend asked if I’d like to create some frog forms to stuff. I was ON IT…

  1. I had never created a stuffed plush before, at least not on this scale (and previous attempts were thwarted by the difficulty of stuffing stuff);
  2. The pattern became a little complex in that I had to intuit the differing sizes and layout as I sewed;
  3. I’m madly in love with the white fur frog.

It was a pleasant weekend experience but it was also VERY time-consuming. Cutting the pattern and sewing together the top/bottom went fast; stuffing the frogs wasn’t as straight-forward. I tried using only the poly-fil dry fiber, which is great for giving the frogs “scaffolding” and helping them sit up, but made the the frog forms stiff and very un-interesting. Because poly-fil pellets are INSANELY expensive, I used rice or beans for the arms & legs so they’d be more floppy, but too many beans and/or rice made the figures collapse when I sat them up. Sitting up is probably the way they’ll be displayed so it’s a balancing act between the lighter-weight fiber fill and the heavier beans or rice. If there’s a formula out there for using both successfully, I haven’t found it yet.

Let me know if you’ve come across this problem and how to trouble-shoot a solution without too much difficulty.

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