2nd Pfizer Shot and the After-Effects

Photo Make Corona Small Again by Tim Hüfner on Unsplash

After waiting the 3 weeks for the 2nd Pfizer shot, the anticipation of side-effects was unnerving. I was a slight wreck knowing what could happen. So many of my friends (particularly on Facebook) had spilled the reality of chills, fever, fatigue, nausea, and feeling like they’d been hit by a truck…. so I was duly anxious about my own suffering after the 2nd shot.

It wasn’t that bad. I slept a LOT, the worst being joint pain (arthralgia), a little dizziness, and general fatigue. The side-effects listed on medical websites included headache, fatigue, chills and shiver, diarrhea, fever, arthralgia, myalgia, and nausea; solicited local side-effects included local pain, swelling, tenderness, redness, itch, warmth, and swollen armpit glands. Coulda been MUCH worse.

I did have severe local pain where they stuck me, as I did with the first shot. That pain has yet to subside enough to raise my arm without helping it up. Yoga was fun. Had to help my arm up with my other arm. But sleep came quickly around 9pm despite taking cat naps throughout the day, while the dreams were intensely active and any waking was immediately followed by slipping back into dreamland. Roughly 65’ish hours later, I feel pretty good. And I’m at least temporarily immune to COVID until I’m not, while being less susceptible to severe illness from the virus.

Bravo to everyone who worked to get these vaccines out to the public as quickly as they did. It went VERY smoothly, fairly easy sign-up to “get in line” both times, and all the volunteers who were administering shots, and the others who ushered us in and out, were stellar in their tasks. A truly remarkable nationwide event. Thank you.

‘Time to get back to creating beauty…


Photo by Tim Hüfner on Unsplash

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